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Michael Hobbs passion for car cleaning started when he was a child, cleaning his family’s household automobiles. From here his passion developed into a sought after professional skill, to make cars look beyond clean from the ground up. After many years trial and testing the best products in the world and using finely tuned methods. Michael has worked on some of the world’s finest automobiles from L.A., Miami, Monaco and the Middle East.
Though people believe that detailing comes hand in hand with the most expensive cars, it is now popular than ever to keep all cars in top shape. Whether you’re driving a Fiat to a Ferrari, Michael can make it look better then when it left the Showroom.

Using state of the art detailing technology, 10 years of homed skills & knowledge. You will never go back to the hand or auto car wash again.
Gemclean Detailing specialise in producing details & restorations that are second to none. This includes Automotive, Aviation and Marine vehicles. As well as the most bespoke crystal lacquer protections in the world. Michael also completes bespoke training on all categories of detailing. So whether you’re a company looking for your staff to be trained. To a hobbyist wanting to sharpen his knowledge and skills. I can tailor and customise training courses to your needs and level of skill.

Gemclean detailing is based in Maidenhead, Berkshire but will travel anywhere in the world, to help you strive for perfection and keep your automobile looking fantastic month after month.
so please, take a tour around the Gemclean site and indulge in the pinnacle of automotive cleaning. Whether you want a basic wash to a complete restoration and 9H coating. Michael will customise all services to his client’s specification.


See what some of our clients have to say

  • Acton Coachworks Lamborghini London

    Acton Coachworks is Sports and Prestige bodyshop in London, our customers demand for their cars to be in showroom condition at all times, yes we can rectify any paint issues but we wanted a professional detailer to come in to further enhance and of course ensure the best protection products are applied for durability.

    So the hunt was on to find someone that we could trust with our customers cars. I met Michael through a car forum, and by seeing and reading his threads it led me to believe this could be the person we were looking for. After a few emails to Michael I could tell that he is passionate about his work, which to me is important. I believed that this passion would continue on into his work and would no doubt result in a first class work.

    Prior to Michael being booked, he was more than happy to discuss our individual requirements in detail via e-mail and on the phone. He was also more than happy to customise the work required as opposed to simply offering an “off-the-shelf” multi stage detail at a fixed price. For example, I may not want him to clay the car or correct paint, so he simply adjusted.

    I remember Michael’s first job (Full size RangeRover) which was primarily to restore the interior. He arrived promptly in a well kept and in a well maintained van (I felt this set the scene). After a brief discussion of the job, Michael set about using his skills to tackle the RangeRover interior.

    I was extremely impressed by Michaels care and attention to detail. The vehicles dashboard is full of gadgets buttons and trims everywhere, I would have thought would have been difficult to detail. Michael tackled these areas with ease and certainly took time to access all the areas which are sometimes missed. The resultant affect was a simply stunning.
    The customer collected, he was amazed and went on to say that it was like he just picked it from the showroom when new. Since then he has done many cars for us such as Ferrari, Bentley Alfa Romeo 8c to name a few.

    To finish up, I can thoroughly recommend the services of Michael and Gemclean Detailing. I believe that the service he offered was perfectly tailored to our requirements, his approach both pre and post service was truly excellent and his work is outstanding. I would certainly not hesitate in thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

  • 997 Porsche 911 C4S

    I finally had the courage to hand my Porsche 997 over to a specialist to be deep cleaned and finely detailed. I selected Michael at Gemclean after researching the best people in the south east who did this as a professional career. When left with Michael the car had 7 years of air borne dirt particles ingrained in the soft white paint, algae and growing mould in the shut lines after a very wet winter and generally was looking past her prime.

    5 full days later the car is transformed beyond belief. It’s honestly back to as new outside, inside and underneath the arches. Michael has an utter drive for perfection and the final result is testament to that passion he exudes when you meet him. He is highly knowledgeable, understood my desired outcome for the car and was careful to keep me informed of progress along the way. The quality of the paint correction and final polish has to be seen to be believed. No swirls no marks. Just metres of lustrous shiny smooth white paint. Even the insides of the wheels are back as new, as are the red brake callipers. So if you want a fastidious, professional detailer to restore your pride and joy to the very best it can be, Michael at Gemclean is your man. I cannot recommend him highly enough and understand why there’s a long queue of high quality prestige cars queuing to get the Gemclean treatment after mine. Check out the white 599 GTO on the web site!

  • Ferarri 360 Spyder

    “What Michael at Gemclean Detailing does is transform your vehicle from good to Amazing, I have been lucky enough to have four of my vehicles transformed with the full “CrystalLacquer” treatment and I can’t get enough of the results, they look as you would imagine they should do from new.

    The results are also extremely easy to live with providing a great long term protection and no more polishing; I would and have recommended Gemclean to anyone who has an interest in enhancing their vehicles above the crowd”

  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    I was referred to Michael by a work colleague, who had been raving about the fantastic job he’d done on his Range Rover. After meeting with him to discuss my car, I decided to entrust him with the wellbeing of my beloved Aston. I needn’t have worried because after three days of being pampered and manicured, my Aston looked better than ever. When reviewing what other people have said, we all seem to say the same thing but simply put, the car has never looked better. In fact, it looks better now than when it was delivered to me from the new car showroom in 2010. Check it out on Michael’s “You Tube” web link and see the results – FANTASTIC.
    A great job – well done Michael.

  • 997 Porsche 911 C4 GTS

    Mike is passionate about detailing and it really shows in his workmanship and commitment to providing a high quality service. He did a great job giving my Porsche 997 a full GTechniq makeover, handing it back to me in pristine condition. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a top job and will no doubt use him again in the future.

  • Porsche 993 Carrera 2S

    Michaels enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise for detailing is amazing and the results of his work are little short of breathtaking; my Porsche 993 Carrera S had suffered at the hands of the time, previous owners, stone chips and bug splatter.

    Mike took the time to come to my home and talk me through what he does in great depth, educating, informing and guiding me on the various product and services that would suit my needs.

    The car that I collected after a week of in-depth detailing was beyond clean, every surface was spotless; the black paintwork had depth and colour that I never seen before. In addition his recommendation for the GTechniq line of products is highly recommend.

    After over a year on the vehicle it still looks immaculate and keeps clean.

    Having now seen the results of his detailing I have no hesitations in recommending his work and will be using him again in future.

  • 997 Porsche C4S

    I wanted to have a professional detail on my 997 after the winter so I got in touch with Michael. He is professional, very knowledgeable and with an excellent attention to detail. The car looks great and I would be happy to recommend Gemclean Detailing.

  • Audi R8

    I contacted Mike at Gemclean Detailing to give me a quote for my Audi R8 and when he arrived I was immediately impressed by his total professionalism and understanding of what needed to be done. He also explained every step of the process beforehand so we could jointly agree what was going to be carried out and how long it would take.

    In total he spent no less than 26 hours transforming the car so it now looks absolutely fantastic. I also have a video and scores of pictures to keep in my records.

    I was so impressed I also asked him to look at my wife’s A4 cabriolet which is 8 years old and was looking very tired. This has also been transformed particularly the blue fabric roof and the deep blue leather interior.

    Absolutely top class job by a top class professional and a thoroughly nice guy as well.

    Cheers mate, see you soon

  • Audi R8

    Gemclean brought my R8 back to life! An amazing job completed with such precision.

  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    Michael is a perfectionist; his attention to detail is second to none, my Aston after 3 years looks better than the day it was delivered.

  • Mercedes C63 AMG

    I had my vehicle paint corrected and detailed by Mike and what a Phenomenal job he done – That is all I can say.
    After being recommended to Mike by many members of the Mercedes Forum I felt immediately confident that he understood the way I like things – and that is perfect. One rarely encounters such unwavering commitment to provide exactly what he promises.
    This work ethic should be applauded whenever possible – Stand up Mike and take your bow!

  • BMW 1M

    I contacted Michael after my new Black BMW 1M picked up some nasty swirl marks and scratches. I arranged to meet him and he went over in great detail what would be required to get the car back to its best. From the first meeting it was clear that Michael treats each car as if it was his own, and will go that extra mile to get the best finish possible. I had to wait about a month until he could fit me in for a paint correction detail, but it was definitely worth the wait. He had the car for a week and kept me updated daily with pictures of the progress he had made.

    By the time he was finished it looked better than the day I picked it up from the showroom. The shine and gloss he achieved with the finish of the car was quite remarkable. I have already recommended him to friends and will use his services again in the future.

  • Range Rover Sport

    Just a long overdue note to thank you for the great detailing job you did for my Range Rover Sport. The quality of the finish was only matched by the quality of your service, and I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to anybody who enjoys an outstanding finish to their vehicles looks.

    I am certain to be in contact with you again when my amateur efforts result in the need for your “better than showroom” finish.

  • Jaguar XKR-S

    After investing in my first sports car, I thought it deserved the royal treatment so I enlisted Michael to help.
    The car looked amazing after he had finished, and more amazing after a week of driving in the wet autumn we are having it still looks amazing!
    Thanks Michael, same time next year?

  • Mercedes CL 55 AMG

    I first met Michael at an open day which was organised by a Forum I belong to ( ). I have seen a lot of his work through the photo’s he has posted on the forum.

    I was very impressed by Michael’s knowledge and his attention to detail, which is a + in his job!!

    I decided to have my 2003 Mercedes CL 55 AMG ( W215 ) detailed, a full paint correction. The results were excellent; it made the best looking Mercedes Coupe even better looking.

    Which persuaded me to have my S-Class ( W221 ) As I have that washed most days by the local Hand wash brigade I decided to have it clayed polished and sealed. I also had the interior Re-finished, which was a great success, especially as the interior is very light leather and the driver’s seat had quite a lot of wear.

    I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Michael work and who is also a very personable young man.

    All the best,

  • Mercedes C55 AMG

    I purchased my C55 AMG knowing it required paint correction as the car received a liberal coating of brick dust during house restoration the previous owner was having done, is was cleaned by a supermarket quick wash outfit and the brick dust became sandpaper resulting in major damage to the paint.
    After having a few reputable paint shops look at the car I was advised it required a full re-spray, a friend suggested I speak with Mike, so I made an appointment for him to inspect the paint. I must admit I knew very little regarding paint detailing at the time, Mike ran various tests to check the depth of the paint and analyse, he was of the opinion it was probably one of the worst cases he had seen and would like to try as he saw it as a challenge.
    At this point I was feeling moderately optimistic that I had made the right decision to have the car detailed rather than completely re sprayed, admittedly, the front bumper, bonnet and roof required new paint, bumper was very badly stoned chipped, bonnet had lacquer lifting due to a bad chip and the roof was so badly scratched from the brick dust it was better to start from a new based, we also agreed the wheels would be refurbished.
    They say a picture speaks a thousand words, the photos don't do the car justice as the quality is far greater when stood next to it, Mike transformed the car and brought it back to life, more than 14 months after the detailing was completed the car cleans up just as well, the products used also aid in ease of cleaning so I don't have to spend hours with multiple products to achieve the same end result, I'm very pleased with the results and even more by the service Mike provided, regular calls and photos to show progress, his level of professionalism is refreshing, he is a very talented individual and one I would highly recommend.

  • Mercedes SL55 AMG

    I have a 7 year old silver Mercedes SL55 which had generally been cleaned by the Mercedes garage or the usual quick “Hand Car Wash”. The car was just looking a bit jaded so I decided to have the vehicle professionally detailed by Michael Hobbs of Gemclean Detailing having seen recommendations for his work by others. Michael did an absolutely superb job, the chrome exhausts shine again, the paint work is absolutely smooth – no more years of built up pollutants – and friends comment on how good the vehicle is looking – it just looks stunning! – Michael now comes once a month to keep the car looking perfect. Thank you to Gemclean Detailing.

  • Mercedes C350

    “Mike gives new meaning to the term ‘Showroom Finish’ with his crazy attention to detail which is backed up by only using the very best quality products. To say I was pleased with the work he did on my car – which still beads after a light shampoo nearly a year later – is an understatement. Mike is also more than happy to explain both the process, as well as the products he uses, so the customer can really understand both the effort and science that goes into making their cars look so good. Can’t recommend him highly enough.”

  • Audi S5

    I had previously used Michael to tidy up an A5 that was in need of some love and attention. So when I was lucky enough to take delivery of a brand new Audi S5 I had been waiting six months for it had already been booked in with Michael for a full detail and protection. As usual we discussed the options and settled on the G-Techniq range of products for the protection. On the day of picking up the car from the dealer it was overcast and the handover carried outside. As it was a new car and was to be detailed I was not overly concerned as I knew that Michael would take care of any minor blemishes (if any!) that were present. It wasn't until later that day under the lights of a petrol station forecourt that I noticed a significant amount of swirling. Whilst surprised I wasn't overly worried as it was booked in the next day for the detail. When dropping off the car Michael carried out a quick once over and raised some concerns with how poor the paintwork was and suggested I raise it with the supplying dealer. After the initial clean and wipe down I saw the photos that Michael provided and to say I was disappointed was an understatement, to me as a layman I imagined it was irreparable and was very anxious about what could be done. A quick chat with Michael reassured me that it was fixable, although it would take longer than initially expected. Thankfully the supplying dealer agreed to pick up the difference and was happy for Michael to carry out the work. A long story short, the end result was immaculate and it is not an understatement to say that the results meant that instead of being unhappy with the exterior of the car it really was in better condition than it was handed over to me! Based on this work and that of my previous A5 I would definitely recommend Michael and Gemclean's services to anyone who was after a top quality detailing service. Even now a year after the initial application the car is easy to maintain thanks to the products used.

  • Audi A5 S-Line

    My virtually brand new A5 somehow got covered in some sort of corrosive liquid which badly damaged the paint work and based on recommendations I got in contact with Mike at Gemclean Detailing to see if he could help.

    He fully explained over the phone my options and even said he was happy to meet on a Sunday to provide a more accurate assessment of the car. It was clear that Mike was the right person for the job, so I booked the car in and dropped it off the following week for a full correction exterior detail and also a C1 crystal coat protection, which was a 4 day job.

    Throughout the entire process Mike contacted me constantly to discuss the car and explain what he had to do to correct the paint. This included photos at every stage which gave me further confidence that 100% I had made the right choice.

    When I collected the car which again Mike went out of his way due to my work commitments, I was blown away with the result which can clearly be seen from the photos.

    I know for certain that from now on there is only one person who will ever be working on my cars.

  • Audi A5 S-Line

    This is the second car we have had detailed by Michael after he did an amazing job on my BMW 1M. We opted for the Gtechniq Glass coat protection upon hearing great things about the products used. As always Michael was very professional from first contact to pick up and a genuinely nice guy who loves cars. The car looked amazing upon picking up from Michael’s garage. Despite the car being white you could clearly see the glossy shine and finish he had achieved. The Gtechniq protection also comes highly recommended as it took so little effort to clean the car for the first time 6 weeks after it had been detailed. A very happy customer once again!

    I might be interested in a Gtechniq protection myself nearer winter time. V impressed with it so far!

  • Audi TT RS

    The paintwork on my car was beginning to look a little dull, so I decided in was I need of a detail to bring it back to showroom condition. A friend recommended me to Gemclean Automotive Detailing. I got in contact with Mike and he came to have a look at the car and discuss the options available with me. After an in depth chat I opted for the Winter Protection Detail and booked the car in. The work began the following week. Conditions were very cold but Mike worked throughout the days, even putting in extra time to bring it up to his extremely high standards whilst keeping me informed of his progress. I was amazed at how good it looked when completed. I can honestly say that the car looks better now than it did the day I collected it from the dealership, the shine is deep and the paintwork crystal clear. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services and will certainly be asking him to work on my car again in the future.

  • Audi A5 S-Line

    “Since getting my car from knew I had not been able to keep up with the cleaning of it as well as I would have liked and having experienced a couple of bad winters I felt that my car could do with some proper TLC and was looking around for someone to do this. I happened across Gemclean Detailing after having some tyres fitted at a local tyre fitter who recommended Gemclean Detailing as they had worked on the manager’s car.

    As a result I got in touch with Michael and explained what I was after and pointed out some of the many black dots that had affected the white paint. He explained what these were and that he thought that he’d be able to remove them. At first I wasn’t sure how well this would go but I need not have worried – the results were amazing and the body work was stunning. I literally could find no trace of the black dots and the whole car looked better than when I had picked it up from the showroom. The combination of products used really do seem to have done the trick, when fresh the rain water literally jumped off the body work and even some months later (having not kept completely on top of things!) it is still noticeably easier to keep clean, the products are still working their magic.

    I will definitely be using Gemclean Detailing in future and would recommend them to anyone who was thinking about get their vehicle detailed.”

  • Audi S4

    I recently purchased my first convertible Audi S4. Anyone who knows me well could tell you how I like to keep my cars clean and looking their best at all times.

    Its seems during the winter months I invested in the local carwash to do just that for me. But unfortunately the techniques used seemed to of caused more damage than good on my pride and joy. When the car was clean and the sun was out all I seemed to notice was my paintwork was covered in swirls marks.

    After much research on the Internet I decided that would get in contact with Gemclean Detailing and see if they would be able to help. I was advised that a paint correction and glass coat protection was the way forward especially as the car was being used every day. Michael explained how all the procedures would be carried out and left me feeling very confident in his services, so much so I also had interior and engine bay detail done as well.

    Once my car was picked up and taken away I was given daily updates on the progress which was a great way of seeing the hard work and attention to detail that was being applied by Michael. Knowing how good the car was looking from the progress photos I have to say I was still blown away with the final results and would recommend Michael and Gemclean Detailing as a must to any car enthusiast or someone like me who just like things perfect.

    I would like to thank Michael for his hard work and look forward to using him again in the future.

  • Nissan 370Z

    An amazing job, I am very impressed. The car looks better than when a brought it. Thank you. And if you are thinking about it for your car I highly recommend it

  • 996 Porsche 911

    I decided to get my 8 year old Porsche 911 detailed as the paintwork was looking pretty dull with too many swirl marks. I decided on Gemclean Detailing and went to see Michael for an assessment. I could clearly see Michael has a passion for his work and gave me an honest opinion of what could be achieved.

    The work was booked in and was carried out over a couple of days. When I collected the car, I was astonished at the end result, which was above my expectations.

    The shine on the car is mirror like, the swirl marks removed and even in the bright sunlight the car looked fantastic. Michael also provided excellent information on how to keep the paint maintained in top condition.

    I would highly recommend Michael at Gemclean Detailing as he truly is an expert in what he does!

  • BMW Z4

    Having procured the detailing services of Michael on my Z4, I was eager to see the results of his efforts. Frankly I was suitably impressed, although Michael Had explained that the level of detail to which he would go into was thorough, the end result was first class. My expectations were exceeded by the quality and level of detail of the service. While Michael’s services are not financially suited to all car drivers I considered it good value for money and would not hesitate to recommend his services to others.

  • Mercedes S Class

    It is always a treat to see the results of Gemclean’s excellent work – my S Class looks as good as new after they have finished.

  • Audi A4

    Gemclean brought a very dull Audi back to life – the attention to detail is excellent and I always know they will do a good job.

  • Mercedes E320 Coupe

    I had just bought my Mercedes and it was looking a little tired. So I took it to Michael for an enhancement detail, and oh my, did it look enhanced. I would have never thought paint could look that good, especially non metallic. The depth and clarity was unbelievable from every angle, and looked better then new. I can’t praise his work enough, and was very happy with the outcome.

  • Ford RS Turbo

    WOW where can I start! Michael @ Gemclean Detailing came out to clean my car ready for a photo shoot. Although I’ve not long had the car painted the imperfections pointed out to me by Michael were incredible! I didn’t realize it was so easy to damage the paint just by washing it incorrectly! Gemclean gave it a single stage correction after washing it thoroughly and I was amazed at the difference in the reflection of the paint and also astounded at how thoroughly clean the interior was! I must say the pictures came out amazing in the magazine and I can’t thank Michael enough for his time, dedication and his attention to detail on my pride and joy! I highly recommend Gemclean Detailing and I will be using them again and telling my friends and family about the quality of work that Michael Does!

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Our fully equiped detailing studio is located in Maidenhead, Berkshire. But if you wish for your vehicle to be detailed off site, then we are also completely mobile. Michael will travel a 25 mile radius of Berkshire at no extra cost and travelling further afield upon negotiation of an extra fee to cover trave time and expenses to help make your automobile stand out from the rest.

We also offer a car rental service while your vehicle is being detailed / restored.

If your after a customized service or just would like to talk about what would be the best for your automobile, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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