The True Art Of Car Cleaning

This is where the foundation of Gemclean Detailing all began.
Starting with simple, safe yet effective washes to keep high end vehicles at the standard they were made to. From here we have evolved to home our intricate skills to make cars look the pinnacle of perfection.

All of our skills and knowledge were self taught to the point we now help companies perfect their products and equipment for the detailing market. We work side by side with everything we use, so we know exactly what combination of products and equipment are best suited to every make & model of paint origin throughout. It’s a standard fact with our clients that every single car is treated with the care and attention as if it was our very own. This alone has won us recognition with a wide variety of clients throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

The question is how clean do you like your vehicle? Enough to spend 1 day, maybe 2 to get it to a high standard. Here at Gemclean Detailing over 90% of cars are here for a minimum of 5 days of pampering and luxury car cleaning. Here the cars are all treated to a full decontamination to start their stay with us. This involves degreasing, snow foam bath, 2 bucket wash and chemical baths. All completed at 50 degrees Celsius using purified water to stop any water marking whatsoever. The cars are then taken inside to be dried with 70/30 super plush towels and a warm air blower to ensure all gaps and shuts have no water hidden in them. We then clay the car using a variety of grades using purified detailers as lubrication to ensure all organic fallout has been removed from your vehicle. The vehicle is then given a thorough IPA wipe down to ensure all the clay sling and silicone fillers have been removed from the vehicle ensuring a super smooth, true and clean finish to start on. All artists start with a clean, blank canvas & this would now be ours. From here only your imagination is the limit on what you would like to achieve. From hand polishing to full 3 stage paint correction and localised wet sanding. What you desire, we can achieve to a level beyond your personal standards. Here at Gemclean Detailing, we no longer have set details to choose from.
Detailing should be a total tailored service to meet the client’s requirements. This way you can choose exactly what you desire, minimising what may not be essential to you and maximising quality on what you are really looking to achieve. Below is just scratching the surface of what can be completed but may help summarise particular areas of detailing that you require.

  • Bespoke simple decontamination details.
  • Bespoke wax based protection details.
  • Bespoke crystal lacquer protection details.
  • Single stage machine polish enhancement details.
  • 2-4 stage paint correction details.
  • Localised wet sanding.
  • Wheel removal deep clean details with either bespoke wheel waxes or crystal lacquer protections. (Callipers included)
  • Complete engine bay details.
  • Complete interior details.

All to which can be applied within:

  • Restoring older vehicles.
  • Decontaminating and protecting brand new vehicles.
  • Preparing dealership showroom vehicles
  • Preparing vehicles for concourse shows and corporate stands.

On top of this every client is entitled to a free consultation at our studio in Maidenhead where the complete vehicle will be assessed. Here, the client can explain what he or she wishes to achieve while we give a full paint depth thickness test as well as check the vehicle under our professional halide lighting system that’s integrated into our studio.

Once your vehicle has been completed you may want to sign it up to one of our tailored maintenance programs that suit around your lifestyle. These programs are totally customised to when you want your vehicle washed based on its usage. So whatever you choose, it will always be at your convenience.

Like washing your own vehicle? No problem! We have a fully equipped detailing shop, selling only the best bespoke products in the world with everything you desire. We can assist in teaching you how to wash your vehicle safely and explain what’s best to purchase for your particular make and paint type.

Here at Gemclean Detailing, we only believe in the best automotive protections in the world. Not what the makers say, but what we have tried and tested over 10 years. Protections that give amazing durability, while obtaining a warm or glass effect. If you wish to view them, please click here for all information on the best protections in the world.

We don’t stop here when it comes to making your car the art of perfection, If you’re wishing to have wheel refurbishment, leather refinishing, trimming, painting, fabrication and customisation, then click here to take your vehicle to the next level.

All detailing services start at £150.00 (plus VAT)
5 day Details range from £1250.00-£1800.00 (plus VAT) depending on size of vehicle, make & lacquer origin.
Paint correction is based at £45.00 plus VAT per hour.