A little more than just detailing...

What if you could have all automotive detailing and restoring in one place? A place where quality is never compromised throughout its services. Gemclean Detailing has always had its benchmark in automotive detailing. Since then we have evolved with our clients needs to push the level of refinishing vehicles to stay on top of the industry. Using our eye for detail and passion for the automotive industry we offer the very best in refinishing in other areas. This includes:

  • Bespoke painting of exterior and interior.
  • Application & fabrication of exterior body & parts.
  • Dent removal.
  • Complete body restorations.
  • Colour coding external trims. Such as lower bumpers and window frames.
  • Customise grill colour changes.
  • Metal polishing, re-lacquered and crystal lacquer coating.
  • Bespoke wheel refurbishment including crystal lacquer and hydrophobic coated surface. Whether they’re diamond cut to 3 piece billet split rims.
  • Leather refinishing.
  • Leather trimming.
  • Interior wood veneer re-coated with ceramic lacquer.

By implementing such services into our prestigious detailing process it removes the stress of going to more than one place. A place where your car can undergo all its fabrication needs and emerge a work of art. If this is piece of mind in its most beautiful form then look no further. Put your feet up and let us make your dream a reality.

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