The 101 of Detailing-Corporate & Personal Training

Gemclean Automotive Detailing has always had its hands firmly behind the rotary. An eye for detail, passion for cars & knowledge of the industry has always kept us at the top of our game. We have been fortunate enough to grow with the industry and evolve with modern technology as soon as it was available. Due to this we have advanced knowledge on all areas of detailing and paintwork refinement. From the basics where ‘detailing’ began, to advanced technology with the latest products and equipment.

It’s apparent more than ever, that dealership valeting teams are doing more damage than good. Knowing how to prepare a new car for exchange could be one of the reasons your clients stay loyal. Maybe it’s time your valeting team was taught the correct method of preparation and kept ahead of the industry. If you’re looking to minimise complaints and maximise quality, then look no further than our custom training programs.

We specialise in training the following:

  • Decontaminating vehicles.
  • The correct way to wash a vehicle.
  • Wheel removal deep cleans.
  • Chemical Baths.
  • After wash decontamination.
  • Preparation and assessment.
  • Machine polishing.
  • Paint correction.
  • Using a D.A. rotary & Bigfoot.
  • Engine bay cleaning.
  • Complete interior detailing.
  • Waxes & sealants.
  • Nano coats and true 9H coating applications.
  • The science behind products.
  • The science behind Machines, pads, compounds & polishes.
  • The science behind lacquer origins.
  • The science behind 9H coatings.

At the end of the training program we can supply all the professional detailing equipment that your staff needs to keep them at the top of their profession. As well as full 9H coating dealership packages from our friends at Gtechniq.

Since 2013, we have been training the staff of LFD Qatar. This has opened the window to train companies all over Europe including Rupes Certification through LFD.

Since May 2014, we were approved as Crystal lacquer/9h coating application school for Gtechniq UK.

So if you would like your valeting staff trained or thinking of switching valeting to detailing. Then you know you’re in the right hands for all your professional training needs.

We also hold completely customised training programmes for the hobbyist car cleaner. So if you’re looking to learn how to machine polish or just refine your knowledge. We can tailor make a package design for your exact needs.

“As a Detailer and an Authorised Trainer for Rupes Bigfoot Systems I was looking for a Great trainer to handle Our UK Programme and there was nobody else that I could rely on to deliver to the level of perfection than Michael.
I have not only been fortunate to witness his finishes but also have been present during some of the training programmes that he delivered to some of our UK and European clients. His product knowledge is unquestionable and his delivery style / demonstrations, technical application and explanations as to why you should and shouldn't.
With so many products on the market, Mike will guide you through what works and what doesn’t. You can be sure of walking away with more than technical skills. He will equip you with verbal sales techniques that will turn your potential clients to a buying customer. The training centre is at the renowned Elite Car Care centre giving you a great opportunity to walk away from the training with the opportunity have a thorough look at what you will need to get you going. Look no Further!!! And Good luck as you enter the world of detailing..."

- LFD Qatar