Official “GAD” snapbacks.

One size fits all.

Various colours.


Bespoke tax disc holders.

Laser cut.

Made to order.


Bespoke air chambers.

Solid framed.

Static trap filtration system.

12v brushless electric fan motors.

Supplied & fitted.

£450.00 - £750.00

Bespoke Italian tailored indoor cover.

Completely custom made to order.

Various colours.

Bonnet logo optional.

£250.00 - £600.00

Luxury outdoor cover.

Softex tailored.

Synthetic breathable/perforated foil UV protection/super soft synthetic fleece internal.

From £165.00

3 step battery charger.

Charge current unaffected by fluctuations in mains voltage

Three colour LED indicates stage of charge cycle

Fully protected against reverse polarity

Battery can be left on charge for extended periods

Super compact at just: 10cm x 5cm x 6cm, 250g


Battery Conditioner

The only battery conditioner to turn on and off automatically

Constantly exercises battery cells for extended life

LED battery status display

Suitable for all types of 12V battery, 5AH to 100AH max. Including Gel, Lead Acid and Sealed

Polarity warning display

Thermal cut out facility

Can be used without disconnecting any vehicle electrics

No danger of overcharging batteries

Designed to be left connected for long periods

Functional window mounting bracket

5cm x 6cm x 10cm, 600g