Gemclean Automotive Detailing is a bespoke Automotive, Aviation & Marine cleaning/restoration service. We are based in Maidenhead Berkshire, but are happy to go anywhere, in order to help your automobile exceed your expectations in looking its best. I specialize in an array of bespoke services including:

  • Detailed exterior cleans.
  • Paint correction.
  • Painting, fabricating & restoring
  • Machine polishing.
  • Engine cleans.
  • Arch, suspension & brake details.
  • Exhaust restorations.
  • Interior deep cleans.
  • Upholstery deep steam cleans. (Inc roof linings)
  • Leather deep clean & protection.
  • Wheel refurbishment.
  • Leather refinishing.
  • Leather trimming.
  • Bespoke waxes & sealants.
  • Crystal glass coats.
  • Professional Automotive Photography.

I only use the best products in the world including such names as:

  • Gtechniq.
  • Modesta.
  • Carpro.
  • Rupes.
  • Swissvax.
  • Scholls Concept.
  • Menzerna.
  • Zaino.
  • Zymol.
  • Poorboys USA.
  • Chemical Guys.
  • Meguiars.
  • Blackfire.
  • Gloss it.
  • Jeffs.

But what is detailing?

Detailing is when you take a product, and clean it with the highest standard and care taken into account. When it comes to cars, most people will be happy to take their car to the local car wash, where they’ll have four guys speed around it and charge around £10.00. But out of anything this is the pinnacle of ‘you get what you pay for’.

These are usually people with no experience with automotive paint, sub standard products and a sponge covered in grit.
This always results in a car that you could have spent in excess of £30,000 on in swirls, scratches, holograms and generally looking pretty dull.

Here at Gemclean we believe in nothing but care and attention to detail. This only comes with a person whose professional skills can achieve perfection with the tasks that are given to him. When a car comes to Michael it is cared for with the highest of standards.

Each one of Michaels’ clients are treated to a meeting where you will discuss, one to one, exactly what you are looking for. Whether it’s to bring the life back into your automobile, to a quality protection program that will keep your automobiles looking fantastic month after month.

Though Michael’s prices may seem higher than your local automotive cleaner, please do not get him confused with a standard valeter.
His prices reflect his professional skills, care, attention, time and the use of the best products in the world.
By following these ethics it is guaranteed that your automobile will be left looking breathtaking from every angle.
Whether it is in your garage, at the hanger or sat in harbour, you won’t be able to stop staring.

Cancellation policy

Due to our perfectly timed schedule and clients booking in patiently to have there vehicles pampered, it is a necessity that if you need to cancel then it must be made aware of a minimum of 5 working days. This allows us to have time to move future clients forward and keep our schedule on track for all our clients. In the unfortunate event of it being in a shorter time scale, a fee of £350.00 will be charged to cover a small percentage of the loss of earnings for that week.